Educated Debtors | 2017 | Website Design | Collaborative Work

Educated Debtors

For this assignment, our team was tasked to:

Develop and design a website that provides financial planning advice and fundamental, strategic and tactical, financial decision-making tools for people living in the U.S. who have just earned some form of undergraduate degree or certificate from a trade school. The primary goals of this site should be to help your target user groups stay out of “crippling” debt, and to help them learn how to plan and execute effective and operable/realistic personal budgeting and financial planning strategies.

After doing conducting research and interviewing people from our demographic, we knew we wanted our site to have clear navigation, easy to read and comprehend, and sympathetic.

For navigation we worked through several site maps to find the best way to organize our pages as well as what to cover. We also opted to include a mini site map in our footer for even more ease.

The language used is more colloquial than the language used in our research materials in order to give the viewer a clear understanding. We made sure to be brutally honest, while sympathizing with the hardship of student loans.

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