Dinner Lab | 2017 | Logos & Letterhead

Dinner Lab

Dinner Lab was a experimental dining experience provider that focused heavy on trying new things. Between the concept and the name, it made sense to mix the visual language of fine dining with a tech-y and science based visual language. 

The wines glass, with measurement ticks like a beaker, and the candle stick Bunsen burner were both logomarks that fit this concept well. So in the end, we opted to use both, bringing in the salt and pepper flasks to create a satisfying trio of logomarks to use in a kinetic system.

Moving int the letterhead I started with the basic color scheme of intense orange, blue, and green as well as the use of solid color blocks alongside plenty of whitespace to let the logomarks breathe as well as keep type both legible and easy to reproduce through a template.

To spice things up, I worked on creating a pattern rooted in the chemical compositions of things like carbohydrates and fats where branching arms became various utensils. All together these design elements really sell the tone I was aiming for.


Dinner Lab | Letterhead