Who am I?

designer | illustrator | doodler

It’s funny to me now that I’m a Communication Design student at the University of North Texas. I tried so hard to avoid a career in the arts. I remember being five declaring I wanted to be an artist when I grew up only to spend the next 10 or so years trying to convince myself otherwise. I thought at first design was a compromise, a way to be artsy and still make a living, but I found a genuine passion for it.

Whether it’s sketching the ways a project might go or fussing over the details or doing the research to understand what a client needs, I genuinely enjoy the process and making even a small impact in the world.

I’ve learned to prioritize and use my time effectively to ensure I make guilt-free time for my growing list of hobbies, most of which are also creative. And it’s not just a chance to be creative but to learn about all kinds of news processes and techniques and that just gets me so dang excited!

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(updated 02/12/18)

Favorite Types
of Projects

Brand Systems
Brand systems are some of the most enjoyable systems to work with.

Motion Design
I've been interested in animation for years, and now that I've started working with After Effects, I'm in love!

Print Publication
There’s just something so satisfying about printed work.

I’ve been doodling since I could hold a pencil and I love it to death.

Causes I Want
to Help

Mental Health Awareness
I want to help remove stigma and promote recovery for anyone dealing with mental illness since I know how much it sucks.

As a queer person myself, I of course want to see better for other queer individuals, both through educating non-queer individuals as well as fighting for better inclusivity within the LGBTQIA community.

I think we've largely approached the issue of bullying from the wrong angle and by demonizing bullies, it prevents people, especially kids, from identifying their bullying-behavior as such.